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The Computational Chemistry Lab (JJC-Farm) is a part of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). Our study aims to better understand the mechanisms of catalytic reactions and design innovative materials for energy storage devices. We are one of the leading groups in computational chemistry and contribute extensively to the materials science. Our applied areas interest are in catalytic conversion of methane, gas capture & storage, gas sensors, and energy storage systems such as lithium-ion (LIB), lithium-Sulphur (Li-S) batteries.  


  • 2024.04.08

Our paper entitled 'Unveiling dendrite-suppressing potential of alkali metal-based alloys in lithium metal batteries' was published in J. Energy Storage

  • 2024.03.08

Our paper entitled 'Initial SEI formation in LiBOB-, LiDFOB- and LiBF4-containing PEO electrolytes' was published in J. Mater. Chem. A

  • 2023.11.27

Our paper entitled 'Cu2O Facet Controlled Reactivity for Peroxidase-like Activity' was published in Catalysis Science & Technology

  • 2023.11.05

Our paper entitled 'Activation of dimethyl carbonate on CeO2 surface: A combined experimental and theoretical study' was published in Surfaces and Interfaces

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